Below are the challenges that have been identified and ways to address them in a proactive manner.

Challenge: Lack of standards and indicators
Opportunity: Create objective measures of performance (effectiveness) Establish baseline and make improvements towards established standards.
Approach: Identify 4 key performance indicators:
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Cost
Action Item: Check appropriateness of the four indicators and feed it back to online WebForum.
Communicate other ideas about this approach.
Challenge: Inadequate training
Opportunity: Improve professional recognition
Achieve higher level of competency
Approach: Training-certification initiative, utilizing a phased approach to
  • Benchmark private and NGO best practice
  • Establish baseline
  • Efficiency
  • Get buy-in from community
Challenge: Need to create a network within and external to organization
Lack of collaboration
Opportunity: Address duplication of efforts
Benchmark, identify best practices among humanitarian organizations, academia and the private sector
Rationalize systems for maximum efficiency
Approach: Build upon already existing initiatives, such as
  • Humanitarian Logistics Conference in Geneva, Africa
  • Training-certification initiative
  • Crossroads Conference
  • Interagency Logistics Group Nairobi
Challenge: Recognition of logistics
Opportunity: Create awareness and show impact of humanitarian logistics
Approach: Build upon initiatives that are supported by community
  • Publications
  • Research and case studies
  • Conferences and workshops, such as Humanitarian Logistics Conference
Offer standardized training, which helps build professional competence and allows for a clear definition of logistics
By establishing indicators, the impact of the above points can be strengthened.
Challenge: Inadequate infrastructure
Opportunity: In an environment where government/donors are not going to improve infrastructure in the short run, what can logisticians do to optimize?
Take advantage of positive outcomes of above approaches to challenges identified
Approach: Improve level of collaboration among stakeholders
If you are better trained, are you able to cope better?
Strengthen network, including government
+ Humanitarian Logistics Conference 2007
+ Humanitarian Logistics Conference 2006
+ Humanitarian Logistics Conference 2005
+ Humanitarian Logistics Conference - Africa Region 2004
+ Humanitarian Logistics Conference 2004
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