Fritz Institute envisions a world where every community has the capacity to respond and recover from a major disaster, saving lives and reducing suffering.
Fritz Institute is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with governments, nonprofit organizations and corporations around the world to innovate solutions and facilitate the adoption of best practices for rapid and effective disaster response and recovery.

Fritz Institute was founded in 2001 by Mr. Lynn Fritz, a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, who recognized that effective front-line humanitarian operations must be supported by strong back-room capabilities: effective operational processes, appropriate uses of enabling technologies, well-trained logistics personnel, objective performance metrics, and institutionalized learning across the humanitarian sector. Mr. Fritz is the former chairman and CEO of Fritz Companies, a Fortune 1000 global logistics corporation.

Board of Directors

In Sri Lanka, the 2004 tsunami claimed over 35,000 lives and left half a million people homeless. More women died than men.
Fritz Institute has in record time been a key ally of the United Nations at getting our assistance focused and concrete to provide relief.
- Jan Egeland
United Nations Under-Secretary-General
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